Saturday, August 2, 2008

WTA Volunteers Improve East Side Area Trails

From east side volunteer Carol Miltimore, a report on recent volunteer activities by the Washington Trails Association:

After kicking off on National Trails Day at Carbon River, the WTA volunteers have been working on the east side area trails. During the the months of June and July, many many volunteers worked at Owyhigh Lakes Trail, Wonderland Trail (Fryingpan Creek Trail, White River area, White River to Sunrise), Huckleberry Creek Trail, Eastside Trail and Glacier Basin Trail. The eager, hardworking volunteers have accomplished a great deal in two months: early season trail grooming and brushing, trail tread improvement, drain cleaning and improvement, downed tree log-out, footlog replacement and enhancement and trail reroutes. Many dedicated volunteers have been signing up for work parties multiple times.

Starting in August the WTA trail work will support the MORA trail crew with the reroute of the Glacier Basin Trail, which was heavily damaged during the Fall 2006 storm.

Wonderland Trail at White River
Another Big Rock to Dig Out

Wonderland Trail at White River
Improved tread

Huckleberry Creek Trail
Bridge in need of replacement

Huckleberry Creek Trail
Brand new replacement footlog

Eastside Trail -- Deer Creek Bridge
A little scary crossing

Eastside Trail: Deer Creek Bridge
After improvement

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