Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainier volunteers featured in Boston newspaper

Yesterday's Boston Globe features an article about Mount Rainier National Park, which includes reference to two of the park's interpretive volunteers, Ruth Graves and Maureen McLean. (How's this for a global society: Ruth, from Michigan, and Maureen, currently working in England, are featured in a Boston newspaper for their work as volunteers in Washington state?)

Ruth Graves, 78, a volunteer park ranger.... told a story of Floyd Schmoe, the park's first naturalist and ranger.... Schmoe "tried to do something worthwhile every day of his life," said Graves, who might have been talking about herself. A retired high school chemistry teacher, she has a profound connection to Mount Rainier, she said, calling the park a "beautiful example of the most magnificent kind of nature."
This photo is of Ruth volunteering in the Longmire Museum.

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