Saturday, August 9, 2008

Reminders and new events coming up

There are several exciting events coming up that you can sign up for with the click of a link! Here's a reminder of some of our more critical needs in the next few weeks. Check out our complete calendar at the top of this page for a full list!

Annual Volunteer Picnic--August 16
Meet your fellow volunteers, hear all about current events, share delicious food, and stay for the living history program!

Shadows of the Past Living History Program--August 16
Help out by carrying a lantern for visitors, and meet historical characters from the park's past. Then consider returning on August 30 as an actor!

Visitor Surveys at Paradise--August 17
Help us survey visitors at the Jackson Visitor Center.

Wilderness Amphibian Surveys at Golden Lakes--August 21-23
Conduct research on amphibian populations in one of the most magnificent locations at Mount Rainier!

Revegetation Project Day--August 23
We're kicking off a major revegetation project at Paradise this month. Join us to restore the beautiful meadows!

Stevens Canyon Wonderland Trail Reroute--August 26-30
This section of the Wonderland Trail just reopened after almost two years, thanks to the efforts of volunteers! Help finish the project.

Wilderness Amphibian Surveys at Three Lakes--August 30-September 1
Conduct research on amphibian populations along the crest of the Cascade Range!

New project: Painting/Maintenance Assistance--early September
We've just posted an advertisement for a volunteer to spend two weeks with us in early September, helping to paint facilities at Paradise. If you're looking for two weeks of easy work in one of the most spectacular locations on Earth, check out our volunteer listing!

Posting soon: Patrol cabin and shelter restoration at Lake George--week of August 18
Mount Rainier's backcountry maintenance crews will be replacing the cedar shakes on the patrol cabin and backcountry shelter at Lake George, beginning the week of August 18. We'll carry 60 bundles of shakes in to the trailhead at Round Pass by ATV, but will need volunteers to pack it the rest of the way to Lake George for our crews to use. Join us for a workout in the wilderness, and camp out for a few days in a magnificent backcountry location! This would be ideal for a group of individuals, or as a project for an organized group. If you're interested in helping out, contact Jill Baum or Ginny Galbreth at 360-569-2211 ext. 3414. We would also welcome individuals to help split and bundle shakes in preparation for this project.

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