Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tales from the volunteer picnic and the Shadows of the Past

For those who missed it, our annual volunteer picnic on August 16 was well-attended, with a great cross-section of brand new volunteers and old pros. Michael Lee worked his magic in the kitchen, preparing three delicious entrees, which were supplemented by a spread of salads and deserts. This year's event was low-key, but we of course took the opportunity to bring everyone up to date with this year's accomplishments and upcoming volunteer projects, and to say "thanks" to everyone who's volunteered so far this year!

In particular, we recognized the following individuals for reaching milestones in their volunteer service:
  • Elizabeth Beaulieu -- 500 hours (since 2006), assisting with stream surveys and river research
  • Hank and Judy Bernard -- 500 hours apiece (since 2006), as campground hosts and meadow rovers
  • Jack Greene -- 500 hours (since 2007), working as an interpreter, educator, and park planner
  • Mary Heskett -- 500 hours (this year), working as a cultural resource assistant in the curatorial library
  • Brian McDonald -- 500 hours (this year), working as a Geologist-in-Parks intern at Paradise
  • Marcy Partridge -- 500 hours (since 2007), working as a cultural resource assistant in the curatorial library
  • Helen Young -- 500 hours (this year), as an interpreter at Paradise and Longmire through the Student Conservation Association
  • Russel Gibbs -- 2,000 hours (since 2003), assisting with wildlife surveys, Ohanapecosh area patrol, and wilderness cleanup
  • Ruth Graves -- 2,000 hours (since 2005), as a west district interpreter at Longmire and Paradise
  • Carol Yoshiko Miltimore -- 2,000 hours (since 2006), doing a little bit of everything, including trail construction, soundscape monitoring, curation, backcountry patrol, and much more
  • James Miltimore -- 3,000 hours (since 2005), also doing a little bit of everything, including trail construction and patrol and natural and cultural resource science
  • Phil Winn -- 4,000 hours (since 1995), as a wilderness ranger on the east and north sides of the park
  • Clyde and Lois Ambacher -- 6,000 hours apiece (since 1985), assisting with maintenance projects and litter pickup
  • Flash Parlini -- a staggering 10,000 hours and counting (since 1991), patroling the Carbon River and Mowich Lake areas of the park
In addition, several individuals have qualified for an annual Volunteer Pass, on the basis of having contributed 500 hours of service since January 1, 2007. These individuals are eligible to receive a pass that provides free entrance to any Federal area that charges an entrance fee for one year--the equivalent of an America the Beautiful Pass, sold for $85 at our park entrance stations:

  • George Coulbourn
  • Russel Gibbs
  • Jack Greene
  • Mary Heskett
  • Brian McDonald
  • Marcy Partridge
  • Phil Winn
  • Helen Young
Many more individuals will also qualify for this pass as soon as their hours are turned in and compiled for the year. If you think you might be close, be sure to get your volunteer time to me, or have your supervisor do so.
Our gratitude and thanks to all of you!!

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