Friday, August 22, 2008

Shadows of the Past will be a major project for next year

As many of you know, we had been considering presenting a second Shadows of the Past program at Longmire next weekend, staffed entirely by volunteers. (Click here for photos of the first one.) In the end, that goal has proved too daunting! There's just not enough time to prepare and train, and this time of year everyone is busy.

However, amateur actors, do not despair--we plan to revive the idea next spring! Watch this blog and your e-mail for updates on this exciting project. The current plan is to arrange training next spring--perhaps in June--and then to offer the program twice a month in July and August and maybe September. We'll be looking for people to carry lanterns and serve as trail guides, and also people to serve as character actors, portraying, for example, James and Virinda Longmire, Fay Fuller, John Muir, and other individuals from the park's past. We have a dozen scripts to choose from, as well as costume materials, and we'll be looking into possible grant funding to develop more, so all you'll need to do is memorize a few paragraphs, get dressed up, and have fun!

We'll be posting a recruitment notice soon, but feel free to write to us at any time to get on our mailing list for this very special program, one that has potential to be a highlight of our summers at Mount Rainier National Park.

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