Friday, August 22, 2008

Rainier's Glacier Basin Trail getting a re-route

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has a great article about the work that's now underway on the Glacier Basin Trail, under the direction of the Washington Trails Association.

Washington Trails Association began work on the trail with a group of high school students participating on one of WTA's weeklong Volunteer Vacations for Youth earlier this month. Nine teens and two crew leaders stayed at the nearby White River campground and worked five consecutive days on the clearing the corridor and beginning the new construction: clearing duff, large rocks, downed wood, bucked trees, and more. The WTA youth crew worked along side other youth groups, including Northwest Youth Corps, Earthcorps, and Student Conservation Association. For those of you who have ever participated in building new trail, you know this is not a quick or easy task! But the groups made a lot of progress, and although there is still much to be done, the project is finally on its way.

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