Monday, August 4, 2008

An update from Sunrise

From Pete Sabin, Sunrise Meadow Rover:

Today [Saturday August 2] I went from Sunrise to Shadow Lake then on up to the top of First Burroughs by way of the Glacier Overlook.

The view from Glacier Overlook is great. This would be a good recommendation for anyone who doesn't want to go up Burroughs. While I was at the overlook, I met a group who saw a bear in the meadow near Shadow Lake. I had my camera ready but no bear there when I was.

Between the overlook and the top of 1st Burroughs there is one remaining snow field to cross. It's a few hundred yards and less than 300' in elevation below the top of 1st Burroughs. Most people were crossing but some were turning back.

The crossing wasn't too difficult because the snow was soft. The distance was less than 100'. Still, a slide could very serious. Because of the steepness of the slope it would be hard to stop before sliding into the rocks below. The ice axe recommended warning signs should stay in place until the snow melts.

If the snow should be frozen the snow crossing should be avoided without ice axes, ropes, and experience.

After I returned to the VC I met people who saw the bear (cinnamon) and its cub (dark) on the service road about 5 minutes from Sunrise.

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