Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kudos, and lightning in the backcountry

I'm catching up on my mail bag, and want to share a nice note we received a couple of weeks ago:

Good Evening -- Thanks for the info re: Mowich Lake/Spary Park. I also wanted to write a note of thanks to your trailcrews and all who must have worked extremely hard to rebuild the trail from the White River Campground to Glacier Basin / Burroughs Mountain. My husband and I had the pleasure of hiking up to the Borroughs last Saturday, a hike we have done many times, though not since the storms of '06 and the recent avalanches. It was an awsome experience to see the consequences of nature's power. You all should be commended for the beautiful way you have re-routed and repaired the trail! Thanks again. Best regards, Bev & Eberhard

Good work, park and volunteer trail crews!

There's an interesting discussion going on at our volunteer discussion group, at What do you do when a lightning storm comes up and you're on top of a ridge? I encourage anyone who doesn't know the answer to this question--or who has insights to contribut--to check it out and join the discussion.

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