Saturday, August 9, 2008

Glacier Basin Reroute ribbon cutting ceremony!

I received this photo this evening from Tom Caples on the White River trail crew, who says:
Hi Kevin,
Here is a photo of The Mount Rainier National Park Associates and Washington Trails Association volunteers breaking new ground on the long awaited Glacier Basin reroute. Aug. 9, 2008.
Tom Caples,
White River Trails
At long last, the reconstruction of the Glacier Basin Trail begins! I spoke with Carl Fabiani a few days ago, who said the final pieces of the Environmental Assessment for the reroute were being completed. But because of the late start, the work on this trail will continue into 2009 and probably even 2010. There will be lots of opportunities for volunteers to help out! If you'd like to help, start by checking our calendar at the top of this page, or the work calendars of the Washington Trails Association and Mount Rainier National Park Associates.

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