Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shadows of the Past photos

Finally, as promised, here are some pictures from Saturday night's Shadows of the Past presentation! Volunteers assisted with this fantastic program by carrying lanterns for park visitors. In the future, we hope to offer this program more than once per year, by enlisting volunteers not only to carry lights, but to perform the characters themselves. Are you interested in community theater in a national park? Contact us and become part of our future team of historical reenactors!

Lantern light and star light across the meadow

Settlers James and Virinda Longmire

Conservationist John Muir
Climber Fay Fuller

Superintendent Grenville Allen

Photographer Asahel Curtis

Climber and park promoter P.B. Van Trump

Shadows of light along the trail

A young woman shares stories about her visit in the park with her Aunt Eleanor

The cast

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