Monday, September 29, 2008

Planters needed at Paradise!

From Mount Rainier's plant ecologist Lou Whiteaker:

We are in the midst of planting season for revegetation projects in the park. One of the high profile projects is planting of native plants in areas disturbed by the construction of the new Jackson Visitor Center. Both plants salvaged from the site before construction and over 90,000 plants grown from seed in the greenhouse are being planted. Good progress has been made by the restoration crew and volunteer groups which can be seen on the south side of the JVC (check it out if you haven't seen it yet). However, tens of thousands of plants still need to be planted this season and the length of the season depends on the weather. Therefore, if anyone would like to spend a pleasant day, morning or afternoon planting native plants in Paradise, please contact Will Arnesen at 360-569-2211 ext. 3374. Will and the crew are usually on site in Paradise by 7:45 am, so you can also check in with him there. Thanks,


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