Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Boeing and Boy Scouts

I just realized that this set of pictures somehow never got posted on the blog! It was supposed to have been posted last week, in honor of the hard-working volunteers from Boeing and the Boy Scouts of America who helped us out doing revegetation work at Paradise. Who knows where into the ether of the Internet it disappeared to? Anyway, here it is, and our appreciation for these efforts has not evaporated even if the web code has! Thanks to Eas and Kala Easwaran for the great pictures.

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scouter573 said...

I'm in the troop that was helping that day. We had a great time. We get a lot of use out of Mt. Rainier, and we're glad to be able to give back a little of what we receive. We've done restoration work at the park each year for several years, and the older scouts love to return to see how their little plants are doing from previous years.