Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bears everywhere

One thing we have had no shortage of this year is bears. We had a flurry of sightings this spring, as the bears were out looking for food in lower elevations than usual because of the late snowpack. Now, this fall, we're seeing them again: the bears are looking for huckleberries, and there aren't many to be found yet.

WTA's Signposts blog has a good article called "Few Huckleberries = Hungry Bears." Cori Conner, a wildlife biologist in the park, recently sent out an e-mail saying "The bears have arrived at Paradise!! This weekend there were multiple bears seen in the immediate Paradise area. One cinnamon colored bear in particular has been seen just outside the Paradise Inn cafe balcony and on the lower trails. It shows no fear of humans and has been within 10' of some visitors. This is a great time to start contacting visitors in the Paradise area and educating them on bear safety, proper food storage, and garbage disposal. Drive with caution, there have also been several 'bear jams' on the roads."

Volunteers have been sending me lots of pictures, too. Here's a sampling:

(yet another, added 9/24)

Enjoy the wildlife, and be careful out there.

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