Monday, September 29, 2008

Glacier Basin, MRNP WTA Work Trip

I mentioned in my earlier post that the Washington Trails Association was leading projects on the north side of Mount Rainier while our SCA crew leaders were leading projects on the south side. Here, now, is photographic proof! Thank you to Gary Zink for sharing these notes and photos:

Hi Trail Crew,

Its hard to believe there’s a better and more successful day than today for digging out new trail! For Carl and his NPS trail staff, WTA and myself, we’d like to thank each of you for coming out today and helping to make this project so successful. See photos at the link below.

I think the most impressive point that stood out to me the most was the quality of work and the dedication to building a strong and lasting trail. Thanks also for your attention to safety, detail and innovation. The stumps and rocks you dug out and pulled out, the mounds of dirt that we hacked and shoveled, the logs we peeled, the buckets we carried, rocks we rolled and the fun we had doing it, all sums up to fantastic teamwork and the same pride and work ethic that matches our pioneer trail builders of yesteryear. Thanks for serving your country! A special thanks to Laurie for her valuable leadership assistance and those great hot towels!
Carl, James, Carol, Jim, Laurie and I really hope to work with you on this trail again sometime in the near future. Sign up for it if you can, whenever you see Glacier Basin, MRNP, on the WTA website.

Thanks again, Gary, WTA

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