Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tales from the Trails

Every so often, I enjoy sharing an excerpt from one of the "field reports" I receive from volunteers in the field. Here's one I received yesterday. (And a reminder: I'm always interested in hearing about your experiences and seeing your pictures!)

Morning Kevin,

Hope all is well with you and you had a great weekend. Actually made it up the mountain Monday and the following is my report.

Date: 9/1/2008
Hours: 8
Contacts: 71
Trails/Areas "Roved": Alta Vista, Waterfall, DeadHorse, Skyline, Pebble Creek, Pan Point, JVC Parking area

Day could best be described as a "Northwest Sampler" subjecting one to the various conditions that only the Northwest can provide. Over the course of the day, sunny, clear leaving Paradise and by the time I returned was subject to sun, rain, snow, some form of hail/sleet, wind, swirling clouds - but despite various conditions was rewarded with some incredible sights and smells. Flowers are still blooming providing a wonderful color pallet and variety of smells; in the areas around Pan Point and above it looked as if the trees and area were spread with a light coating of powdered sugar. At one point when looking down into the valley from Pebble Creek the sun had pierced the clouds turning the river into this glowing, silver strand. Pretty incredible collection of visuals over the day.

I was surprised at the number of "contacts" over the day. Started slow but actually talked with a number of folks. One of the nice things I noticed over my past few "roves" I have had to make few requests for folks to stay on the trail. Yesterday for example out of my 70 + contacts only 4 were actually off trail. Hopefully that has been the experience of other Rovers as well. Maybe the additional signs and rovers have helped stem the behavior a bit....

- John

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