Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wilderness First Responder training

We received a very nice e-mail yesterday from a volunteer who participated in the Wilderness First Responder course last week:

Hi, Kevin & Jill,

I want to thank both of you (and any others involved) for making the WFR course a reality after so much uncertainty during the months before. I feel that I was truly given a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in such a great experience in the beautiful setting of the historical Longmire Community Building and campground. Our instructor, Trenton Harper from Aerie, was very knowledgeable and experienced, and his enthusiasm for the subject was very apparent. The course had a good balance of classroom instruction and practical application in the form of outdoor scenarios. In addition to being a great instructor, Trenton is a great actor/director who made the outdoor scenarios very realistic. The final scenario of triaging multiple patients, then carrying the patient in an improvised litter (for miles, it seemed like!) was exhausting but exhilarating! After taking this course, I feel that I am much better prepared to deal with any emergencies that may come up while I am meadow-roving. I truly hope that MRNP will continue to offer this WFR course in the future, it is invaluable knowledge for us volunteers to have.

Thanks again for creating such a great opportunity for me.
It's great to get good feedback from volunteers! The feedback on our training program this summer, sponsored by the Student Conservation Association and Boeing, has been overwhelmingly positive.

In case you didn't get a chance to see it for yourself, here are a few of the disconcerting images you might find if you stumbled upon one of the training scenarios described above:

Thanks to all of our great instructors, volunteers, and sponsors!

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