Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nisqually Middle School rocks!

Students from Nisqually Middle School spent yesterday and today helping with a revegetation project around the new visitor center. These plants had been salvaged from near this spot three years ago in preparation for completion of the visitor center, and are finally coming home.

The weather was excellent, and the students were psyched to be working in it! I've rarely seen a more hard-working group of kids.

Can you believe this rock?! Josh must have spent 20 minutes working it out of the ground in preparation for planting! By the time he got it out, the whole crew was standing around cheering him on.

The adults helped too. :-) Besides helping in the field, they also led hikes and spent an evening making smores in the campground.
Great work, everybody, and we hope to see you out here again next year!

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Jon Lehr said...

Congratulations to the students from Nisqually Middle School on a job well done!