Friday, September 12, 2008

Outdoor Research, out and about at Mount Rainier

Today is Outdoor Research day! The employee group from Seattle is here with more than 30 volunteers, working on five different projects from Kautz Creek to Paradise. Here's a set of pictures of volunteers preparing to head out on the trail at Kautz Creek to build a bridge, under the direction of the Student Conservation Association's Mount Rainier Recovery Corps.

Also along for the day were three of the youngest volunteers on our roles: Estella, age 4; Amelia, age 3; and Kaisa, age 4. We put them to work picking up windstorm debris (also called "sticks") in the Longmire Campground, and they had a great time making piles, and taking breaks to play on the rocks by the river in the sun!

Thank you to ALL our Outdoor Research volunteers!

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