Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Further updates on National Public Lands Day

Here's another recap of our accomplishments on National Public Lands Day, from Project Manager Jill Baum. Thanks again to everyone who helped!

Mount Rainier Recovery National Public Lands Day 2008 Projects

Longmire Campground Restoration

  • 27 volunteers, morning only, including Boy Scout Troop 516, plus one Recovery Corps staff member, one Recovery Corps crew leader, and one volunteer crew leader
  • Description: Restoration work in the historic Longmire Campground continues as we carefully reopen sites which will become a future base for volunteer camping. Work will involve debris removal, pathway delineation, brush clearing, raking, structure restoration and general clean-up.
  • Accomplishments: Picked up debris, raked wood chips, winterized picnic tables.

Glacier View Road Clean-up

  • 25 volunteers, including Conservation Leadership Corps (afternoon only), plus one Recovery Corps crew leader
  • Description: Join us as we assist the Forest Service in cleaning up Road 59 next to Copper Creek. The litter and trash accumulated, and we need your help to clean up this well-used retreat.
  • Accomplishments: Collected approximately 50 bags of trash, 10 bags of recycling, 3 kitchen sinks along ~3 miles of road and a dozen campsites; demolished and removed 1 camper.

Kautz Bridge Finish

  • 4 volunteers plus two Recovery Corps crew leaders
  • Description: Let’s finish this bridge! This bridge construction project is near completion but is in need of a final push to get the decking on and rehab the immediate area. Roundtrip hiking distance is approximately 6 miles, including some steep uphill sections.
  • Accomplishments: Installed kick rails, finished decking, built approaches, rehabilitated work areas.

Paradise Planting

  • 27 volunteers plus NPS staff and two Recovery Corps crew leaders
  • Description: The new JVC is ready to open! Now we need to replant native species in the impacted construction and new landscaping areas. We will be planting thousands of seedlings and salvaged plants.
  • Accomplishments: Planted ~2500 native seedlings.

Mile 9 Restoration

  • 6 volunteers plus NPS reveg crew leaders
  • Description: After the floods from last fall, we need to replant native species in the impacted areas in order to help control erosion and stabilize the banks. We will be planting Willow stakes, seeding bare areas and salvaging plants.
  • Accomplishments: Planted ~600 plants and seeded new road edge.

Snow Lake and Pinnacle Peak Trails Brushing

  • 6 volunteers plus NPS trails staff and two Recovery Corps crew leaders
  • Description: Enjoy the scenery of the Paradise area from Reflection Lake area. Trails are in need of brush cutting and drainage clearing, so join our crew as we reestablish the trail corridor in these locations.
  • Accomplishments: Cleared .2 miles of Snow Lake Trail (thick brush) and 1.2 miles of Pinnacle Peak Trail (to saddle).

Longmire-Cougar Rock WT Reroute

  • 4 volunteers plus NPS trails staff and two Recovery Corps crew leaders
  • Description: A 2000’ section of the Wonderland Trail washed out in the flood, and a huge assortment of park staff, volunteer organizations, and public volunteers have put in a massive effort to build a new section of Wonderland Trail over the past two seasons. The end is in sight on this massive project, and we need your help with the last stretch of tread construction, including finish up work on a new bridge.
  • Accomplishments: Hauled 10 wheelbarrow loads of fill, groomed 200’ of tread, rehabbed bridge work site, finished approaches and decking.

Total public volunteers: 102 (42 youth!)
Total volunteer hours (not including leaders): 509

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