Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Share The Fun - Washington State Fair

Put yourself in this picture and "Share the Fun!"

Yes!  The Washington State Fair is fast approaching.    Last year park staff and volunteers talked to over 11,000 people and thousands more checked out our exhibits.   

This year you have two opportunities to "Share the Fun."

#1. Staffing the Mount Rainier Booth:   We would like to have two park people for each of the three  3 to 3 1/2-hour shifts a day.  You will receive a ticket for admission to the fair and a parking pass (together worth almost $25).  You can experience the fair before and/or after your shift.    The fair runs from September 5th through September 21st.   The Fair has changed the opening time on Mon-Thur so we have slightly different schedules on those days compared to Fri-Sun.
Mon-Thur:  first shift 11:00-2:30, second shift 2:30-5:30, third shift 5:30-8:30.
Fri-Sun:  first shift 10:00-1:30, second shift 1:30-5:00, third shift 5:00-8:30.

#2. Staff the Snowshoe Walk:   On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from Noon to 6 PM the NW Outdoors Building and Mount Rainier National Park will be providing a snowshoe experience (mainly for kids, but adults can try too).  The trail of straw will be in its own dedicated area.  The trail will be an L-shaped loop about 30 yards long and will wonder around and through a native plant display, which we hope will also include a water feature.  There will be two 3-hr shifts each day and we need at least two people each shift.  It will be a busy, but quick, three hours.  You will also receive a ticket and parking pass.
Fri-Sun:  first shift noon-3:00, second shift 3:00-6:00
The park is an important part of the Northwest Outdoors Alliance.  Our exhibits will occupy one of the largest spaces in the building.   But the most important part is a real live person representing the park service, talking with all those enthusiastic fairgoers.

I hope you can help out.   You will have a great time at the fair and I look forward to hearing from you.   An email response would be best, since at this time of the year I’m seldom in the office.  Tell me what activity, date, and time shift would work for you.  Also please include your current mailing address so I can mail you instructions, maps, and tickets.

As in past years, park supervisors may allow their employees to do a shift at the fair on park time if the supervisor can make a day available. Including drive time and shift time it usually makes close to an eight hour day.    Park employees who volunteer to do a shift on their own time may wear their normal uniform.  Uniforms are not a requirement to volunteer. 

Thanks, and we’ll see you at the fair.
Jim Ross
Outreach Specialist
Mount Rainier National Park
55210 238th Ave. E.
Ashford, WA 98304-9751
360-569-6568 (summer only)

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