Thursday, August 21, 2014

Lantern Bearers needed for Shadows of the Past

Hi there!  We are looking for lantern carriers to help with our Shadows of the Past program on the evening of August 23 at Longmire.  There are four walks leaving from in front of the National Park Inn at Longmire between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM. The walks last about 90 minutes. We need at least three or four carriers per walk. Those carrying a lantern spread out during the walk and then move to illuminate the speakers from below during stops.  There will be a volunteer sign-up form to "John Hancock" before you start that night.

Those who help with a lantern do not need to buy a ticket!!! Ok, so no one has to buy a ticket. But, lantern carriers do get to join the cast and world famous director (me) for some of Virinda Longmire's "rolly pollys" right after the program at the Longmire Administration building.

 Sign-up via the doodle link below.  If you have any questions or answers please let me know.

- Curt Jacquot

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