Saturday, August 9, 2014

Great photos needed!

Hi all,

I have received some great suggestions for our Washington State Fair exhibit on Mount Rainier Wilderness. What I haven't received are great photos. If you have some super photos of Rainier wilderness please share them for possible use on our exhibit. Time is short so please help ASAP.

Please include location of each picture so it can be properly located on the map that will be part of the exhibit.

Here are examples of photos needed:

  • Unique wilderness (I'm especially looking for a good photo of the natural bridge)
  • Wilderness that can be enjoyed on a easy day hike
  • Fantastic wilderness flower meadows (not Paradise, Sunrise, or Tipsoo Lake)
  • Wilderness waterfalls
  • Wilderness lakes
  • Night sky from the wilderness
  • Historic structures in the wilderness - lookouts, shelters, ranger cabins
  • The summit and the route to it
  • Camping in the wilderness (especially short distance camps) 
  • Wilderness wildlife (goats, mountain lions or other cats)
  • Anything else you feel expresses the unique Rainier wilderness
The pictures need to be of relatively high resolution so they can be enlarged. Please send them to me by e-mail at Jim_Ross (at) If the files are large, please send the attachments one at a time, they come through better that way.


Jim Ross
Outreach Ranger

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