Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Meadow Rovers and First Responders

I received this report Sunday from Meadow Rover Ed Hunds. It illustrates well the importance of our Meadow Rover volunteers as first responders not only to threats to our beautiful mountain gardens from off-trail tramplers, but also to incidents of public safety. Great work, Ed, Dan, and Brian!


Saturday I was working Paradise and I stationed myself by Glacier Vista. Most of the afternoon I spent assisting visitors, keeping them on the trail and off a snow patch that was attracting them off the trail.

Later that afternoon I was told that a small boy had injured himself at the snow patch. When I arrived I learned that an 8 year boy had fallen through the snow patch and landed hard on rocks below and sustained bruises to his ribs, shoulder and face. What the visitors couldn’t see (including me) was that the snow patch was mostly hollow and the snow was 3-4 feet about the ground.

I radioed for EMS, and a short time later, a few minutes apart two other rovers (Dan Purnell and Brian Carpenter) magically appeared to offer their assistance. Dan had even snagged a mountain guide along the way and brought him down to assist.

It was reassuring to know that other rovers quickly responded and were available to provide assistance. Fortunately the boy was able to walk out on his own.


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