Thursday, August 21, 2014

Get Your 15 Minutes Of Fame!

Good People,

Monday is Founder's Day. To celebrate and launch the new NPS Centennial Logo, the Service is seeking and will be posting photos of people posing with a sign of our new centennial logo. It would be great to share photos of people all over the park. Here is what to do:

1. Print out the sign (enlarge appropriately).

2. Assemble your NPS peeps.

3. Instructions from WASO: Snap an engaging or silly photo of you and your colleagues (including partners and volunteers, if you’d like) holding the birthday sign in a nice setting at your park and/or the places you work. Please make sure that people can read the sign in the photo. If you are outside and you are in uniform, please wear your hat!

4. Email your pic to by 0800 on Monday morning.

We will share as many photos as we can.

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