Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WSTC Report on Wilderness First Aid

Hi everyone,

This is a trip report of sorts about the Wilderness First Aid (aka WooFA) course that was held this past weekend at Longmire.

First of all, I'd like to thank Lynn for coordinating with SCA (Student Conservations Assoc) to make this possible for WSTC (Washington Ski Touring Club) members. [Eight of us] from the club joined about 20 others over the weekend and went through a 16-hour course on the basics of "what-to-do-in-the-backcountry" when there is a situation. So it's basically learning how to administer first aid and comfort correctly without having the luxury of resources available in the "frontcountry" such as shelter, clean water and immediate aid. It also brings home the fact that one should do the best in not becoming a victim in the backcountry himself.

For those who've had previous training - WFA, MOFA, etc. - this is an excellent refresher, plus a lot more.

In a span of just 16-hours, the instructors covered everything from how to stabilize the c-spine, how to recognize and treat head trauma/spinal injury/etc., how to splint, how to handle bites, ABCs, LOR, rating A&O, etc. etc. and lots of TLAs (you'll find out about these in the class.) It's a HUGE amount of material to cover in such a short time, but our instructors Joe, Mike and Travis did an excellent job.

I would highly recommend this for anyone who access the backcountry (or any remote locations) often. There is a sense of security knowing what to do if things go south.

I believe Joe is coming back to instruct the next WFA course there in 2 weeks - July 26th/27th. He is an excellent and most enthusiastic presenter.

Please contact Jill at jbaum@thesca.org if you have not signed up but are interested. I think the class is full, but she may have a spot or two available. [Note: See also Wilderness First Responder training in September.]

Longmire campground is presently used by the SCA corps (and others?) but it's a very nice and quiet campground with bathroom and shower facilities. Meals provided are 4-star quality, however, I highly recommend that you bring your own coffee. Hot water is available.

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