Saturday, August 11, 2012

Westside Volunteer Picnic

Today, westside Volunteers gathered at the Longmire Community Building for the annual mid-season picnic. Kevin Bacher's Power Point presentation showcased our wonderful volunteers and volunteer projects in all corners of the Park, and was received with great applause. A second picnic for eastside Volunteers is slated for next Saturday at the Sunrise picnic area from 4-6 PM. If you missed this one or want to attend another get-together, we hope to see you there!

By popular request, we now present the instructions for creating Crow's "Picnic Chicks."

You will need: 
Nonpareil (small) capers

Begin by hard-boiling as many eggs as you expect to need, plus a few extras because you will need additional yolks. Chill the eggs thoroughly before shelling. While the eggs are cooling, prepare the feet by cutting bird-foot shapes from slices of carrot. If you're dextrous, you might be able to score a carrot first and then cut the slices, but that was beyond my culinary skill. The feet should have three front toes and one back toe for inserting into the egg. Also prepare small beak-shaped (triangular) pieces of carrot.

Peel the eggs and carefully slice off the tops so that a little of the yolk is left in the top section and the bulk of it in the body of the egg. Carefully remove the yolk from both pieces with a paring knife. Whip or mash the yolks with mayonnaise, mustard, salt and (secret ingredient!) a dab of horseradish.

Before filling, insert the back toes of the feet into the body of the egg and set it on the serving tray. You may need to level up the bottoms of the eggs so the chicks sit flat. Fill a pastry tube or cookie press with the whipped yolks and force it into the body of the egg, making a tall mound in the center. Press the cap onto the mound of yolk, tipped back so the chick's face shows. Insert two nonpareil capers into the yolk mound for eyes and finish the chick with a carrot beak. Then stand back and watch your guests chuckle!

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