Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Seasonal Training Opportunity: Meadow Rovers and Beyond!

A weekly, optional, seasonal training reminder for all Meadow/Snow Rover volunteers, as well as ALL Volunteer and Professional MORA staff who may wish to attend. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mount Rainier National Park, Volunteer Meadow/Snow Rover Program continues our ‘Saturday Training Sessions’ this week with, ‘The Roll of the Meadow Rover during Emergency Operations’ .  These classes have been specifically selected for their relevancy in order to provide the Meadow/Snow Rover with the information necessary to meet the essential elements of their position.  It is the stated goal of this educational program to enhance Meadow/Snow Rover safety, knowledge, and the visitor contact experience.  All of the classes will be presented by experts in the related topics.   The following is the current training calendar:  (The next available class offering is shown in red .)   8/25/2012  -  "The Roll of the Meadow Rover during Emergency Operations" - Jordan Mammel, Wildlife and Lead Law Enforcement Ranger and/or Ben Guttridge, Lead General Ranger/Climbing Ranger   9/01/2012   -   "Nature   Photography - Tips for the Visitor, General Nature Photography Techniques and Photographic Documentation of Trail/Meadow Damage and/or Hazards" - Gary Ouellette, Experienced Meadow Rover, Noted  Professional Photographer (Bring your camera!)   9/08/2012  -  "The New Ten Essentials" - Ed Hunds, Experienced Meadow Rover, Wilderness Preparedness Expert   Location:        Longmire Community Building Time:              10 AM to 11:30 PM Day:              Saturday Dates:              8/25/2012, 9/1/2012 and 9/8/2012 (Additional topics and dates will be added soon.)   The topics presented are geared to provide Park relevant learning opportunities for ALL  MORA employees and volunteers.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend!!!   RSVP required please!   Please RSVP no later than the Thursday prior to each  specific training session.   Please RSVP to:

Please join us for these free and highly informative classes!  Also, please let me know if you have any relevant topics you would like to see covered.

Happy trails!

Bill Marsh  =+)
West Side Meadow Rover Coordinator
Mount Rainier National Park

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