Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butterfly hunters at Mount Rainier this weekend

Are you interested in helping survey butterflies at Mount Rainier?

This is your reminder that the Cascades Butterfly Project will be in the park this Friday and again the following weekend. Stop by, join the fun, and become your own Curiosity Rover for a day!

Here's a note from Michelle Toshack, coordinator of the project, with details. You can also review previous blog entries about the Cascades Butterfly Project for more information:

Thanks so much for coming out to in the field with us! I wanted to let you know that Melanie Weiss, field lead volunteer, will be at Berkeley Park on August 17th and could meet up to 4 volunteers at the Sunrise trailhead at 10 am.

I will be in Rainier from August 27-30 as follows:

Aug 27-Naches Peak (meet at Tipsoo Lake trailhead at noon)
Aug 28-Berkeley Park (meet at Sunrise trailhead at 10)
August 29-Mazama Ridge (meet at 4th crossing trailhead at 10)
August 30-Spray Park (meet at Mowich Lake trailhead at 10).

It would be great to have more volunteers!


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