Thursday, August 9, 2012

Volunteers Help Out With Visitor Surveys

 From Ohanapecosh to Nisqually, from Sunrise to Mowich Lake, volunteers have been gathering demographic data from visitors this week at many locations throughout the Park. Based on a process referred to as "interval sampling" in which a given number of surveys are handed out regularly over the course of a day, the interviewer collects basic information (name, address and phone number) from the visitor, and then sends them on their way with a printed questionnaire in hand. These printed surveys are returned post-paid and the demographic data is tabulated by the University of Idaho. The results of the surveys are returned to the participating Park, where it is used to assist in making administrative decisions.

This is an excellent opportunity for our valued guests to feel they are helping make the Park a better place to visit. Please wave at our smiling volunteers as you pass by!

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