Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Search and Rescue Training, Open to Volunteers!

Next Tuesday 8/7 will be the parks first Search and Rescue Technician training. It is open to all who have have supervisory approval to participate in the parks SAR team.



The Basic Search and Rescue Training is a standardized training program for entry level NPS search and rescue (SAR) personnel.  The class is delivered through a combination of online (self-paced)  and classroom for maximum efficiency and standardization. The focus of this training course is to assist personnel in safely and effectively performing as a  SAR  team member on a wide area search team, search area containment position, litter team, or nontechnical rescue team position.

The training is part of an ongoing movement to place all SAR positions undertask-booked, training based roles, like the fire or aviation world. We will begin with SAR tech this summer, the do SAR Squad leader next spring, etc. Within 3-5 years this will be standardized and mandatory accross the NPS.


Longmire(EOC or Admin, TBA) & 0900-1630

The focus of the training is basic search team functions and litter based evacs. The training will consist of a short talkie session indoors, a series of skills stations, and an afternoon mock search and evac. Within the next few years all SAR team members will be required to have this training. Stefan Lofgren will be the lead instructor.

There is a really informative online training, designed to take 4.5 hrs. This, along with ICS 100 & 700, are mandatory pre-requisites. Please print your quiz results and bring them to class.

Online Training:

Please print out the taskbook on the above site and bring it to class to be initiated. Also, please bring your SAR pack outfitted with as many of the following items as you have/are issued . We will do the outdoor drill rain or shine, preferably shine.

Please RSVP to this address.

Ben Guttridge
Lead Paradise General Ranger
Mount Rainier National Park
(360) 569-6687 [office]
(914) 475-7810 [cell]

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