Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Urgently Needed: Campground Hosts

In an exceptional set of circumstances, we find ourselves without Campground Hosts for both Cougar Rock and Ohanapecosh. If you feel you could fill this position, PLEASE contact Kevin Bacher at your earliest convenience (360) 569-6567 or fill out an application at Volunteer.gov.

1) Answer visitor questions about the campground, the park, and the area.
2) Assist with registration and orientation of visitors.
3) Perform campground patrols when necessary.
4) Perform light maintenance duties in the campground such as picking up trash.
5) Support the reservation desk during lunch breaks or busy periods.
6) Document all volunteer work and submit record to supervisor at the end of each month.
7) Perform work in a safe manner at all times.

1) Ability to read, write, and follow directions in English.
2) Ability to walk for a minimum of three miles, if needed, to check campsite availability.
3) Ability to work with large numbers of campers under potentially stressful conditions such as busy shifts at the ranger station or visitors with complaints.
4) Must possess a valid driver’s license if authorized to drive a government vehicle.

Time Commitment:
Minimum of 32 hours per week. Hosts are needed through Columbus Day, but partial seasons are fine. We are open to the possibility of local people working shifts of a few days a week until the position can be filled.

Volunteer will participate in park orientation session, safety training, and on-the-job training as applicable and as assigned by the supervisor.

1) Campsite with hookups for power, water, and sewage.
2) Waiver of park entrance fees.
3) Reimbursement of some expenses.
4) Coverage for tort liability and on-the-job injury through the VIP program.

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