Wednesday, May 16, 2012

First Washington Trails Association project of the year posted!

Mount Rainier National Park is pleased to welcome back the Washington Trails Association for another year of partnership in building and maintaining trails. WTA has been a key partner for a long time, but never more so  than in the years following the devastating floods of November 2006. Since 2009, around 500 volunteers per year have worked under WTA's leadership to rebuild the Glacier Basin Trail and others around the park. The reconstructed Glacier Basin Trail reopened last summer, but a great deal of work still remains -- finishing repairs to the flood-damaged Wonderland Trail near Carbon Glacier, converting the flood-damaged Carbon River Road to a hiking and biking trail, and simply catching up on all of the year-to-year maintenance that has been deferred for five years while we've been doing flood recovery.

As in previous years, WTA will be leading trail projects throughout the park every weekend throughout the summer. Opening day will be National Trails Day, Saturday, June 2, 2012, on the West Boundary Trail near the Carbon River Entrance at Mount Rainier National Park. WTA's listing on their website says "We'll work on restoring this trail back to good hiking condition. Last year we worked on removing downed logs, repairing the tread and other maintenance needs."

To sign up for this project -- or the others that will be advertised soon -- go to WTA's website at and click on "Trail Work Parties" under the "Volunteer" tab at the top. Or, go to this specific project at for details and to sign up.

See you out on the trail!

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