Thursday, May 31, 2012

Report on the May 19th Trails Work Party

On May 19 th , 2012 MRNPA volunteers worked on the Boundary Trail at the Carbon River Entrance.  The Boundary Trail begins at the back of the Rainforest Nature Trail loop and climbs steeply to Alki Crest.  It is a popular early season hike because it is usually snow free and climbs steeply enough to be a good conditioning hike.  Until about 5 years ago the Boundary Trail had not been maintained and consequently it needs maintenance and repair in many places.

The project for MRNPA volunteers was to remove downed trees, old rotten wood, and soil that blocked two different switchbacks, re-establish the correct trail alignments, and to reconstruct the trail tread at the switchbacks.  The work location was approximately three quarters of a mile uphill from the trailhead.

A crew of eleven MRNPA volunteers and one Mount Rainier trail crew member, James Montgomery, split up and attacked the two trail blockages, cutting, digging, dragging, and pitching tons of wood and dirt.  By lunch time everyone was please by the progress being made.  After lunch the clearing was completed and rebuilding the trail began.  By 3 PM the two projects were complete, and the difference between before and after was spectacular. (See the photos below.)  

If you are looking for a good early season conditioning hike, take a trip up the Boundary Trail at the Carbon River Entrance, and see the great work that the Mount Rainier trail crew, and volunteers from Mount Rainier National Park Associates and Washington Trails Association have done in repairing this old trail and making it safe and usable for park visitors.

Boundary Trail,  May 19 th ,  Before clearing the switchback began

Boundary Trail,   May 19 th ,  Trail reconstruction complete

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