Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Seeking volunteers to hike backcountry trails for social science research!

To support ongoing social science research (on trail conditions and crowding) in Mount Rainier National Park, we are soliciting volunteers to Hike With a Purpose!

Volunteers would be asked to hike 3 popular trails in the park to destinations like Comet Falls, Summerland, and Spray Park (3-4 hour round trip hikes). Along the trail, volunteers would record the number and time they passed each park visitor. Volunteers would be required to spend a set amount of time at the destination (likely around 20 - 30 minutes) and then asked to record the number and time they pass visitors on their return to the trailhead.

We need approximately 12 - 15 people for this project. Due to a desire for consistent data, preference will be given to folks that can commit to hiking 6 or more surveys (trails to destination and back) on a variety of days.

Required skills:
  • Diligence in accurately recording encounters
  • Faithful and timely return of clearly recorded data
  • The ability to hike in the manner of a "average visitor" (sorry, no trail running)
  • You will be able to pre-select dates
  • The ability to fulfill the hiking project in sub-optimal weather (days deemed unsafe for travel will be re-scheduled)
  • Ability to begin survey at a set time and location (trailhead)
  • Ability to coordinate with Natural and Cultural Resources staff to sign the needed Volunteer paperwork
Entrance to Mount Rainier is free for working Volunteers. Camping may be arranged for Volunteers that will be working for multiple days in a row.

If you are able to fulfill the above description and are interested in Hiking with a Purpose! we would love to talk to you. Please send an email and describe your interest, schedule flexibility and contact information to: shannon_hagen@nps.gov. Thanks for your help!

[Is this the perfect volunteer job or what? - editor]

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