Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Regulations for Solo Travel

Rovers Rejoice!  We have been given permission to resume solo roving beyond the one mile limit. The following conditions have been added to the Meadow Rover Handbook.


Sign-in before roving and sign-out after roving; record hours and contacts.  Meadow Rovers are only officially working if signed in. 
Rover Manager or Visitor Center Lead will confirm all rovers have returned or make contact by radio before leaving at the end of the day.  An emergency response will be initiated if contact is not made.
Be specific about where you will be roving.  
Give an estimated time of return.
Keep radio on at all times when on trail.
If radio or battery dies, return directly to base.
If conditions change significantly (e.g. violent weather), check in with Dispatch and report your location and intentions.
If you see a need to change your itinerary, check in with your supervisor.  Make sure your supervisor knows where you are at all times, and approves any change of plans.
A radio must be carried for any rove beyond 1/2 mile from a visitor center or trailhead. Only one radio per group is needed if not traveling solo.
Solo rovers must remain within one mile radius of Visitor Center before Visitor Center opens and after it closes.
After Visitor Center closing, radios will be checked in as per local established procedure.
Supervisor may request that you check in at specific times or intervals.
Make safety the highest priority in the conduct of all duties.

So keep on roving...and always keep your supervisor apprised of your where abouts!

Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers