Friday, May 15, 2015

Part-time hosts needed at Longmire Volunteer Campground

Longmire Campground Host
Calendar (click to enlarge)
With summer nearly upon us, we have still not been able to find a full-time host for the Longmire Volunteer Campground. We are pleased to have the help of Al Lynch, who hails from east of the mountains, and who will be joining us for up to seven weekends throughout the summer. That still leaves twelve weekends, plus some weekdays when large volunteer groups are scheduled.

If you're looking for a good volunteer project that can be done out of your RV or campsite, consider signing up as a campground host! Longmire Campground Host duties include:
  • Welcoming volunteers to the campground and directing them to their campsites;
  • Checking out keys to the bathroom/shower building;
  • Cleaning the showers once a week;
  • General maintenance around the campground;
  • Site security and emergency response; and
  • Helping with volunteer projects in the campground.
The linked calendar will show you the dates currently available. Dates marked in green are currently covered -- thank you, Al! The dates marked in yellow are weekends when hosts are needed, as well as week days when groups are schedule. Dates in white are less critical; however, volunteers come and go throughout the summer, so hosts are welcome any and all days of the week. The more dates we can fill in, the better our volunteers will be served!

Note: I am still also open to hiring a full-time campground host for all or part of the season! If you'd like to serve for an extended period, including dates currently marked in green on the calendar, let me know and let's discuss the options.

If you'd like to help out, please contact me ASAP by e-mail at Kevin_Bacher (at), or by telephone at 360-569-6567.

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