Friday, May 8, 2015

It's Mad, It's May, The Mountain is Out...Ranger Maureen is Back (updated)

Rise and shine Meadow Rovers!  Summer is just around the corner though with the low snow pack on the mountain, it is already here!  I will be back in the office the week of May 17th organizing our training and summer program. 

Returning volunteers will be needed almost immediately. As the weekend weather improves, the number of visitors will be increasing. The lack of snow means the meadows are already in jeopardy with bare spots expanding daily.  Rovers are needed at the trailheads to advise hikers, stop sleds before they go up the hill, and encourage visitors to let the flowers grow. As in the past, let me know via the e-mail when you plan to come.

New Volunteer Position with Trail Crew

On a positive note, trails division has assigned crew members to Paradise. They have already placed rope trail guides along much of the lower trails and are GPSing the trails under snow. At least one crew member will be at Paradise on weekends to rope off the hot spots before they are damaged. They will be asking volunteers to help with placing the wrought iron candy canes and rope. This will be separate from meadow roving and require some muscle. A separate job description will be written for this work. Helpers are to meet any Friday, Saturday, or Sunday at 9:00 a.m. at the Muir Steps. A safety discussion and the days plan will be given before work will start. I know it is short notice, but they will be working this weekend Friday May 8th thru 10th. For now, just be there by 9. As I have more information, I will give you contact directions.

Meadow Rover Training Days – Changed

Due to a scheduling conflict, the training days for Meadow Watch, and new and returning Meadow Rovers has been changed.
June 13th – 10:30 to 12:00 Longmire Community Center - Meadow Watch
          Meadow Watch is a Citizen Scientist project sponsored by University of Washington. For more info, contact Anna Wilson at (times and e-mail corrected)

June 13th – 12:30 to 5:30 Longmire Community – New Meadow Rovers

June 14th – 9 to 3:30 Longmire Community Center – Returning Meadow Rovers

As in the past, camping will be available in the Longmire campground. I will start taking reservations when I am on board the week of May 17th.

I am looking forward to seeing my old friends and meeting new ones.  See you soon on the mountain.

Maureen McLean
Coordinator Mount Rainier Meadow Rovers

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