Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Mount Rainier weather information through our climbing blog

Paradise Wx Telemetry Graph as of 10:50am today
Eagle-eyed observers of this blog may have noticed, about two weeks ago, a new link in the "Helpful Resources" section in the right-hand column. It's the time of year when everyone talks about the weather, and wherever I go, inevitably the question comes up: "how the snow at Mount Rainier?" If your friends and family know that you volunteer on The Mountain (and if they don't, why not?!), they're probably asking you the same thing.

Now, you can talk weather like a pro! The Mount Rainier climbing page has compiled, in one helpful page at, all the information you could dream of wanting:
  • Recreational forecast ("Windy. Rain and Snow." Yeah!)
  • Infrared satellite images (lots of big green clouds!)
  • Temperature, pressure, and wind gradients (low pressure and steady winds)
  • Freezing level trends over the last 72 hours (fairly steady)
  • Avalanche forecast (increasing loose wet snow avalanches)
  • Avalanche danger level at treeline (considerable)
  • Winds aloft forecasts (54 knots at 12,000 feet, with a temperature of -7)
  • A 48-hour "Meteogram" showing forecast trends at Paradise (50 degrees, breezy, cloudy and wet)
  • Snow depth compared to average (60 inches vs 133)
  • The Paradise webcam (parking lot mostly bare, wet, and empty)
  • Paradise and Muir telemetry (39 degrees, 15 mph wind, 0.82" precip and 60" of snow at Paradise)
  • Paradise telemetry graphs (steady temperatures, rising winds, increasing rain and humidity, but little change in snow depth)
  • Links for even more weather and stream flow information
Ladies and gentlemen, start your browsers!

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