Friday, February 6, 2015

Get your February wallpaper (and contribute your photos)!

Guess what: you can "volunteer" without leaving your computer keyboard! If you have photos (taken by you, of course) of Mount Rainier, here's how you can contribute in a fun way to spreading the beauty of our Mountain all over the world!

From  Interpretive Media Specialist Patti Wold:

The February computer background photo is now available for download from the park website. The park social media team is sharing a different background photo each month in 2015 through the park's social media pages (currently the park has over 59,000 social media followers) and the park website. This beauty of a photo was taken by former Park Guide Jasmine Davis.

Here’s how you can get in on the fun:

Send me your photos (at Patti_Wold [at] that reflect various seasons (snow, fall foliage, wildflowers, etc.) or just amazing photos. Landscape photos seem to work best and appeal to the broadest audience. If one of your photos is selected you will be credited on the final background photo that will appear on computer screens around the world! Photos must be large enough to use as a background photo, so thumbnails, cropped, or reduced size photos will not work. Send photos any time throughout the year.

Photos are available in eight screen sizes, but please let me know if you don't find your screen size here. Get your February background photo today at!

Edited 2/9/15 to add Patti's e-mail address.


Anonymous said...

How should we send the photos?
Jeanne K.

Kevin said...

D'oh! That's an obvious oversight. I'll correct the original post. You may e-mail them to Patti Wold at Patti_Wold [at]