Monday, February 9, 2015

A thank you note from a park visitor

It's always good to hear feedback from the public. The choices we make aren't always popular, and the feedback isn't always positive -- so it's especially gratifying when someone takes the time to send thanks for a good experience. As the Volunteer Program Manager, of course, I'm always looking for comments that refer to volunteers, and I love hearing that they're making a positive difference for park visitors. Here's one we received last week. Thanks, Terry, for the great work you're doing!

I recently sent an email gushing about how great Ranger Casey was yesterday when a friend and I visited the park. I would be remiss to not mention the wonderful volunteer we met, as well.

Terry [Flower], on just his second day with the park, was a great addition to our experience, as well! Very kind and friendly, he was a joy to have alongside our snowshoe tour. Great volunteers like Terry should not go unappreciated!

Thank you again,

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