Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Secretary Jewell Redux

Secretary Jewell tours the Paradise
weather station with park scientist
Rebecca Lofgren
Completely coincidental to my recent blog posting about Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell, the woman herself showed up outside my office less than a week later. She wasn't here to respond to my bit of journalism, but to talk with park staff about Climate Change, an issue that affects us pretty dramatically, with our 14,411-foot mountain and its 25 glaciers. Still, she made a point of poking her head in my door, shaking my hand (and yes, she remembered me from her visit to the park as a volunteer seven years ago), and asking me about our youth volunteer outreach.

You can read a couple of stories about Jewell's visit to Rainier here, and here.

So, President Obama, when are you stopping by? My door is open!

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