Thursday, February 13, 2014

Great history resources for National Park volunteers

In my in box this week is word of a pair of new websites, assembled by volunteers, that compile historical resources about national parks across the country. Mount Rainier is well-represented, and this is an excellent resource for volunteers who'd like to learn more about our park! I'll let Park Planner Mary Lucid explain the details:

I am forwarding weblink information below to you for two new websites, both developed by retired NPS historian, Harry Butowsky.

The links are: continues the legacy of the NPS History e-Library, linking to over 6500 NPS and park-related documents, some rare and not otherwise easily available. New content includes a large collection of past issues of NPS Courier, In Touch, CRM, and an ever-expanding collection of park brochures, with new electronic documents being added regularly.

The companion Website,, will launch shortly, being the largest digital library of documents about Parks Canada and the Canadian National Park/Historic Site/Marine Conservation
Area System.

If you have non-proprietary documents you'd like to submit or to request hard-to-find NPS or Parks Canada published materials, Email Harry at:

If materials submitted contain sensitive materials not intended for public release, Harry will check with the appropriate NPS authorities to ensure that the proper safeguards are taken.  The work done on the NPS history in this website is done on a volunteer basis and has not received NPS or other government funding.

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