Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend information volunteer(s) needed!

Creative Commons image by Bryan Hughes
Needed: One or more volunteers to assist visitors at Mount Rainier National Park's White River Entrance Station on weekends.

Background: Due to limited parking at Sunrise, on busy weekends entrance rangers "meter" traffic at a rate of about 10 cars every 10 minutes. Lines of vehicles waiting to enter can get quite long. Volunteers are needed to walk among the vehicles wearing a safety vest, providing basic information, letting visitors know what's going on and how long the wait will be, and holding traffic for those who choose to turn around.

Perks: A beautiful setting, opportunities to meet lots of people from all over the world, free camping at White River Campground, and the satisfaction of assisting rangers at one of America's premier national parks!

Time Commitment: At least one day per weekend beginning ASAP and continuing through Labor Day.

Contact: Rene Ellis, 360-569-6628 or Rene_Ellis [at] nps.gov.

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