Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A quick survey for volunteers

Greetings Mount Rainier Volunteers! Hopefully you noticed the BlogSpot announcement for the upcoming Volunteer picnics in August. No? Then please take a moment to check it out. For the last couple years there has been a steady decline in attendance and we volunteers would like to turn that around. We are interested in hearing from you with answers to some questions.
  • Do you regularly attend this event? If yes, what is it that keeps you coming to enjoy this special day to honor your work in the Park? If not, what would it take to bring you out for some fun?
  • What would you like to see included in the picnic?
  • Would a different month during the season work?
  • How does a themed event sound? Give us some ideas on this one if you have any.
One thing we would like to emphasize: THIS PICNIC IS FOR ALL VOLUNTEERS! This includes meadow rovers, citizen science, trail maintenance and repair crews, archives assistants, and everyone else who volunteers their time and energy to help out in Mount Rainer.

Please send your responses to volunteer Jean Millan at cgcoastiechief [at] Thanks! -JM

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