Thursday, July 18, 2013

MORA Meadow Rovers #2

Thank you once again to all the Meadow Rovers I have met these past two weeks both new and old or rather "returning".  I have enjoyed meeting you and especially training all the smiling, eager and very enthusiastic new volunteers.  As for the experienced people, you have been a great help to Jodie and I as we have worked to develop the program under the new guidelines.

While the calendar presented in the last blog is not yet linking correctly, it has been a great tool for reserving the radios and organizing our patrols at both Sunrise and Paradise.  We have received radios from various divisions that have made the chore much easier. 

As of today, a radio has been placed at the Stevens Canyon entrance station for use roving the Silver Falls and Grove of the Patriarch trails.  The entrance station is open from 8:30 - 5 weekdays, and 7:30 - 7 on weekends.  There is a check out/in sheet at the station also.  This should eliminate the need of stopping by Sunrise or Paradise for a radio.  The best access from the west side at the moment is via Skate Creek Road.  Please send radio reservation to me via or my e-mail at .  Also, send me a quick e-mail with your hours and contacts and I will add it to your sheet. 

In an effort to save on paper/printing cost, laminated maps and language cards have been placed at Paradise.  Unfortunately, of the 8 sets made, only 3 were there please check your back packs before you leave at the end of the day and return laminated materials, extra maps, buttons, clickers, first aid kits etc. so they are there for everyone to use. 

Be safe out there, and enjoy each and every beautiful day roving on Mount Rainier.

Maureen McLean
Coordinator MORA Meadow Rovers

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