Saturday, July 20, 2013

Roving Sunrise

Hello Meadow Rovers!
This is Jodie Hollinger-Lant, Sunrise Volunteer Coordinator during July. Many of you are friends and fellow rovers from Paradise where I have been a year-round volunteer for several years.
Roving is up and running through the meadows (not really) and down the trails around Sunrise. Trails are almost completely snow-free with the exception of both sides of 1st Burroughs, Frozen Lake down to the gravel road, and down into Berkeley Park. The mosquitoes arrived last weekend and in their own way are having a good time welcoming unprotected visitors.
Just as at Paradise this season, Sunrise requires you to have a radio to rove farther than a ½ mile from the Visitor Center. We have 7 radios available to reserve for rover’s use. Simply email  with “radio request” in the subject heading and one will be reserved if available for you on as many days as you need it.
Remember to sign-in and out in the upstairs Rover Room. If you have reserved a radio and arrive earlier than 10:00, knock on the Visitor Center door to pick up a radio as generally someone will be in the VC after approximately 8:45. You may still sign-in and out after hours in the outside box next to the north door but will not be able to rove farther than a ½ mile without a radio.
Flowers are blooming with the peak approximately 2 weeks away for many trail areas. The Shadow Lake trail, the gravel road, and Silver Forest are already looking good with spreading phlox, broadleaf lupine, cinquefoil, paintbrush, American bistort, subalpine daisy, Sitka valerian, and glacier lilies blooming. Sourdough Ridge has pasqueflowers, glacier lilies, and spreading phlox leading the early flower display.
Remember the Sunrise area is often clear with blue skies, brilliant sun, and a great mountain view when the rest of Puget Sound is gray and covered in marine air. Your day spent roving at Sunrise will renew your appreciation for our planet’s natural state, help protect this spectacular resource for future generations, and assist many visitors to better understand and appreciate what Mt. Rainier National Park is.
Hope to see you on the mountain soon!

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