Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WTA Summer Projects Up

We are excitied to announce that the Washington Trails Association (WTA) has teamed up with Mt Rainier again this summer to offer opportunites during May to volunteer at Glacier Basin and Carbon River. Look for more opportunites to volunteer with the WTA as the summer season approaches. For a full listing of volunteer activites click the Calendar of Events link under the title heading.

Trail Work Party - May 28th and 29th
Glacier Basin Trail
Mount Rainier National Park. The Glacier Basin Trail sustained extensive damage during the storms of November 2006. Volunteers have spent the last three summers helping the park relocate the trail away from the river and on to the hillside. We still need your help to complete this approximately 2-mile relocation, which will include fun new trail construction tasks!

Volunteer Vacation - May 29 through June 5
Carbon River
There is nothing like working on a National Treasure, and that's just what Tahoma (Mount Rainier) is. Late May in the park will be showing many signs of spring, and you will get to experience it up close. The trail from Ipsut Creek campground to Carbon Glacier has sustained much damage in the past few years, and needs your help to be put back together. Get ready for a week of working in the shadow of a giant. SPACES REMAINING:1

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