Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Great Turnout for National Park Family Day

On Sunday, May 3rd Kevin Bacher, Jim Ross and Hilary Gaddis made the trek up to Seattle to participate in National Park Family Day in Seward Park. We were one of the many local national parks there hoping to reach out to new audiences in the community. The national parks in attendance were: Fort Vancouver, Lake Roosevelt, North Cascades and Olympic Park. We also made new partnerships on behalf of the CAMP program with the Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club, Urban Wilderness Project and the National Wildlife Federation. As I visiting the different booths, it was exciting to see all the different kinds of information and kid activities available. I even learned a new fact about the Lewis & Clark expedition. During the entire expedition, a Newfoundland dog named Seaman was their constant companion. Once the sun broke through the clouds, all of us were talking to families non-stop. A popular activity was Jim's challenge game of having to match a footprint and scat with the correct animal. It was fun to see how much the kids knew. Kevin and Jim entertained the crowd telling stories and singing camp songs. As the C.A.M.P outreach intern, I was talking to as many families as I could about this amazing opportunity. On a side note, click on this link to read an article about CAMP in The News Tribune. It seems safe to say that a great time was had by all; even our furry mascot friends.

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