Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rainier's campground hosts go south for the winter

If you've ever wondered what Mount Rainier's campground hosts do in the "off" season, here's one example! Some of you may remember hosts Hank and Judy Bernard, who served recently at Ohanapecosh Campground. They're spending this winter in Florida! But don't be too envious of them: they're working--as campground hosts at Everglades National Park. OK, that's worth being a little envious. Here's their note. And by the way, I love hearing from volunteers during the long winter months!

Hi Kevin, We are in Florida with our motorhome, decided to take a long trip this past winter. Our last stop before heading north was Everglades National Park. When we arrived at Long Pine Key campground we met the Campground Hosts who were leaving the next day, earlier than planned. This was going to leave the park short for the next few weeks until the heat and mosquitos end the season and there arn't enough people here to warrant a host. At the same time Judy began to have a dental problem and needed to stay in the area a while to have it taken care of. So, we are now Campground Hosts in the Everglades, wow, sure never expected that to happen. We showed them our volunteer reference letters and said we had our uniforms and name tags and they couldn't wait to sign us up! Don't worry, we will be back in Washington this summer,maybe just a bit later than usual. Just thought you might find it interesting that some of your volunteers are working in Florida and are so appreciated that after the first day they asked us to come back next year! Hope all is going well back there as you approach another beautiful summer season. We'll be back!!

Sincerely, Hank and Judy Bernard

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