Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Long and... Snowy Road

After a week's worth of driving from beautiful Kalamazoo, MI I have arrived to Mt. Rainier National Park where I will be serving as the Assistant Volunteer Coordinator with Kevin Bacher for the next 6 months.

My name is Evan Escamilla. I am a 24 year old graduate from Western Michigan University with degrees in Business Management and Spanish. After graduating in April 2009 I worked with Energy Management and Sustainability at WMU developing energy outreach initiatives and working closely with student affairs to promote sustainable behaviors among the students living on campus.

As an adventurer and someone who can't sit still, the bittersweet 30+ hour trek from Michigan through the great plains, across the Rockies and finally to Mt. Rainier was a true test of my patience. The miles of corn and hay fields were quite enjoyable thanks to my Grandpa and co-pilot who shared his life's stories along the way.

After spending 6 days in Washington I have yet to see the mountain I now call home and have only seen the blue sky through "sucker holes" (see below). This summer I'm looking forward to keeping busy with all the exciting programs taking place at the Park and meeting all the fantastic hard-working people who volunteer their time to keep their state's icon beautiful.

Sucker hole; noun
A brief moment of awe-inspiring hope when the mountain clouds break momentarily to allow the pacific sun to shine down upon the wet and glistening pines. Often followed by heavy cloud cover, rainfall, snow, hail, or any combination of these.

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Brad Metler said...

You'll see her soon enough, Evan. Patience is a Virtue!